Wealth Creation in Direct Sales: You Have to Be Intentional – Part 4


This is the final segment of my wealth creation series. I believe strongly there are essential truths to creating wealth and prosperity.

In direct sales, for example, to create wealth, you must be willing to embrace risk in order to gain; become more than you are to have what you want, and be fueled at times by just passion to follow your purpose. Nothing new here. I am just applying basic principles to an industry many fail to adequately investigate. Bill Cosby, author, philosopher, tv veteran, and successful businessman says “decide that you want something more than you are afraid of it.” An inability to align our attitude for success or a lack of will to do what it takes to succeed is the problem for many – if not most.

Each character trait involves a conscious choice to be what you must -personal sacrifice- and to do what it takes – achievement/fulfillment. Epictetus wrote, “First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do.”

Here are some noted individual examples of personal success that, at first glance, may seem beyond the average individual’s frame of reference, but they are no less central to my initial assertion that there are essential truths to creating wealth in any field of endeavor.

In July 2012, The History Channel released a video series “The Men Who Built America.” Each of the men profiled (Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, and Vanderbilt) were intentional about their goals and possessed character traits instrumental to their success, i.e., an iron will, willingness to take risks, the ability to focus, and the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. All are qualities of wealth creators. Also, each of these men verbalized what success meant to them: to be the richest man in America. If success is your goal, verbalize what success looks like to you!

The language you use, even when talking to yourself, can make a difference says noted business philosopher Jim Rohn. When you verbalize, you state your intention, and Rohn goes on to say, “when you start thinking and saying what you really want, your mind automatically shifts and pulls you in that direction…sometimes it can be that simple, just a little twist in vocabulary, that illustrates your attitude and philosophy.”

Anne Sweeney, Chief of Disney/ABC drives evolution in her industry. She knows that if she doesn’t drive progress, someone else will beat her to the future. She said it was her mission, therefore her intention, to develop an app that would enable ABC tv viewers to take their favored tv shows with them while traveling. Her intention “led to 2013’s leap into WATCH ABC, the app that is live-streaming tv shows and video on demand for (our) computers, smart phones and tablets.” SUCCESS magazine, April 2014. Sweeney’s success speaks to the power of intent.

Creating wealth in direct sales and an abundant lifestyle requires no less intention. Verbalize your goal; state your purpose and then, more importantly, write it down: help to build a new soccer field for your community youth organization; buy the new home; take your family on that dream vacation; pay for your child’s education without a loan or stress. Drive the dream car you’ve always wanted or, this perennial favorite: generate enough residual income to bring your spouse home. Each of these goals is achievable through the unstructured environment of direct sales and worthy of your best effort. Your current job demands that you spend your working life building something that belongs to someone else. Beginning on a part time basis, why not work for yourself? Perform the due diligence on the direct sales industry. No, I do not mean listen to the broke family member or friend with an opinion or one bad experience. Identify the company with the product line, leadership and compensation plan that appeals to you. Then, take the plunge as millions of successful others do daily. Direct Sales is a business, a profession. Treat it as you would your job.

The five men profiled in The History Channel video who helped forge the foundation of modern America made bold choices and all were propelled by passion to succeed; to be the best. Each man had the same two choices available to the rest of us: Make a living or design a rewarding life. You do not create wealth by just making a living because your job will pay you what IT is worth, not what YOU may be worth. Remember this: Each milestone surpassed on your mission to create wealth should generate the question, “What’s Next?”

To become more than you are in Direct Sales will demand a “new you.” British writer James Allen’s eloquence on this point is worth repeating. “Men (and women) are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves.” To become the wealth creator, what new habits will you adopt? What new content will you absorb? What new skills will you acquire?

I raise the question because your habits will determine your future. Habits focus on results rather than activity. Habits help identify where you want to be in your business. Habits unify your effort and energy. Habits give meaning and purpose to all you do. Aristotle wrote “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.

To begin, have a plan:  It is Never Too Late for a Financial Plan. Begin your quest to create wealth with the end goal in mind. Develop a strategy to take you from your financial present to your intended financial future. Then, work the plan – everyday! For example, visualize what your want…your dream. The dream must be believable to the brain. Prepare succinct, performance-based goals with timelines. The goals must be achievable.

Next, focus on what you can control: you, your actions, your time, your attitude, and your beliefs. Then take action! Begin with small achievements. Be proactive on a daily basis and be consistent in your daily activities to build that volume in your direct sales business. For example, decide how much volume you need to reach a given rank, or to help a team member achieve rank.

A success tool employed by some is a mastermind team; those with whom you meet at least weekly to evaluate what worked and what did not. The members may be in your organization or with another company. What matters is the mutual support. A mastermind team helps especially if you lack support at home. Success builds confidence. Evaluate the effort required to achieve important milestones and then replicate it. The more you succeed, the greater your confidence level.

Success has also been known to have a transformative effect on reluctant spouses or partners.

Finally, lock arms with an accountability partner on your journey to create wealth. An accountability partner is someone whom you trust with details of your plan and that understands you as few others do. This could be a family member, colleague, or a special friend. This person understands your dreams, shares your belief in them, and is willing to hold you accountable for fulfilling them. Therefore, this person must be chosen with the utmost care.

Each of the steps outlined above is intentional and when executed with purpose, will position you to achieve the desired outcome.



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